JDE Users – What’s going on out there?

  • IBM

Along with the iSeries, JDE Users are another group of the great forgotten of the IT world. Once a name on everyone’s lips, whereas now the casual observer wonders if the product still exists.

Well, like the iSeries, of course it does. And like the iSeries, it’s still a good product – although, weirdly, many JDE Users seems to think that while JDE is for the future, iSeries isn’t.

So what’s up in the JDE world? Some users are on unsupported, back-level software and hardware; some have moved off it completely to other ERP packages; some are uptodate with maintenance and perhaps have moved from World to OneWorld or are about to. ORACLE has added to the mix by pointing to its Fusion product.

What was once simple – JDE World on AS/400 – has become more varied – JDE World or OneWorld (and Fusion?) – AS/400 or Unix or MS – and Blue Stack or Red Stack. That’s about 18 options versus the original 1.

Maybe it’s no wonder that quite a few users haven’t gone anywhere yet?