System Hardening Service

Is your IBM environment hard enough?

  • IBM

Security is an evolving process. As threats emerge & change, so your systems need to be evaluated and tested to see if you carry any risk.

Our System Hardening Service ensures your AIX O/S runs without security risk. Our approach combines specially adapted tools & techniques to audit superfluous programs, account functions, applications, ports, permissions and access; ensuring attackers and malware have fewer opportunities to get a foothold into your core IT environments.

We will cover all areas of your AIX platform, including:

  • Application hardening
  • Operational system hardening
  • Server hardening
  • Database hardening
  • Network hardening

We will look at vulnerable areas such as;

  • Default and hardcoded passwords
  • Unpatched software and firmware issues
  • Poorly configured BIOS, firewalls, ports, servers, switches & routers
  • Unencrypted traffic

Our System Hardening Service not only eliminates any security flaws your system could be facing but it also aims to improve overall system performance.

If you are responsible for an IBM o/s our System Hardening Services will give you piece of mind and total infrastructure assurance. To book you initial audit contact your account manager today.