Is Your Data GDPR Compliant

Is your Data Storage GDPR Compliant?

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News headlines are littered with some of the world’s biggest brand falling foul of the ICO. British Airways was recently handed a fine of £189 million when a data breach exposed their storage of customer’s personal information. Smaller companies are also under the spotlight from the ICO, with complaints up by 160% and a 4% annual turnover benchmark fine. A small marketing firm was recently fined for making unwanted calls, throwing the firm into liquidation.

Top of the list of the ICO s ‘most wanted’ are organizations that are unable to respond to a cyber attack. The ICO recently fined UBER for paying off data hackers for not properly responding to the attack.

These events highlight the need for every corporation to take GDPR compliance seriously. For many, this means evaluating how data is currently stored and what security policies are in place should an attack happen.

Identifying uncompliant and unwanted data.

Storage of data isn’t cheap, so why store what’s not needed? Unstructured data is said to be growing at a rate of 62% per year and it’s estimated that by the end of 2022 93% of all data will unstructured (70% of that would not have been accessed in a year). With no real insight into what this data is, there’s no way of knowing what has the potential to land you in hot water should a data breach occur. Is that worth the risk?

By maintaining a stronger grasp on your unstructured data you not only reduce your storage costs but in the event of a cyber attack, you know that you’ve taken responsible steps to satisfy the ICO.

Adopt a responsible approach to Data storage

Let’s be honest, you’re data storage needs are going to get more, not less. There has never been a better time to evaluate your current data storage policy. Adopt an approach that reduces costs and protects your reputation.

Things have to change.

What next?

At Recarta, Enterprise data storage is at the heart of what we do. We continue to scour the market for innovative solutions that can help our clients become more efficient and safer.

Moonwalk work with IBM Spectrum Discover to provide deep inspection capability across an organizations entire on prem and cloud data estate. This unique solution can identify redundant and non compliant datasets, actively reducing storage consumption by 35%.

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