IBM System i is here to stay

The IBM System i is still here some thirty plus years after its birth as the System/38 and transition via the AS/400.

The product has never been stronger in terms of function and breadth of raw power and size (both downwards and upwards). It has never had larger, stronger customers than it has now and yet despite all of this there is a belief, completely unfounded, that its users are leaving the platform.

Worldwide analysis shows that only 4% of IBM System i users are considering moving off the platform while 64% are considering upgrading their hardware in the relatively near future.

Yes, of course, the IBM System i (AS/400) is most used for database, custom written applications, ERP and financial applications but a large percentage of IBM System i is also used for data warehousing and BI. Even CRM and Web-hosting have a significant percentage of IBM System i (AS/400) Users.

The IBM System i has a clear and unambiguous development path and will be here with absolutely certainty for sometime yet. Now that there are significant large enterprise users of IBM System i its future is extremely secure. IBM is not going to upset its large enterprise homeland.

IBM System i provides more secure, available and cheaper total cost of systems provision – great; IBM System i provides more secure, available and cheaper Enterprise Class systems – even better.

Even for Big Data, IBM System i running on Power 7 gives the perfect platform for providing the capacity and data bandwidth required. Java capability has also been greatly improved in recent times and front-end presentation is modern and up to date.

So the message is – look at the IBM System i – it’s been around this long because it was well ahead of its time in the first place. Constant development, large users and the fact it runs on the most powerful servers in the marketplace mean that IBM System i delivers modern up to date high powering reliable systems at market leading cost of ownership.

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