IBM Support Price Increases by 3% – 1st December 2014

IBM Support Price Increases by 3% – 1st December 2014

IBM are announcing a General Pricing Action (GPA) of 3% for all of TSS UKI.

New contracts, or new services added to existing contracts will be effective from 1st December 2014. For any existing, contracted services in scope will not be effective until 1st March 2015.

The GPA will include IBM hardware platforms maintained by TSS (with the exception of new products announced after 1st June 2013) but will exclude any multi-vendor and IBM products that will be (or already have been) transferred to TGCS, Infoprint or Lenovo.

TSS Software Services will also be subject to a 3% price increase but SWMA is currently excluded.

All existing contracts will not see any GPA applied until after 01/03/15

The letter that is being sent to all their customers can be viewed here – TSS UK GPA 2015 Letter.

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