IBM Machine Code Announcement

  • IBM

IBM have made a number of announcements about IBM Machine Code updates which really start coming into force this month.

IBM policy now requires customers to have IBM Hardware or Warranty Maintenance in place to for Machine Code Access.

Please note that IBM software maintenance (e.g. subscription and support) does not provide any right to access to Machine Code updates. Rather, it provides support for the respective operating system or other covered software programs only.

From this month IBM are doing “hard” entitlement checking at machine serial number level so if you are trying to download Machine Code for a server without IBM Support you will not get access to this site.You are in breach of contract if you have the latest Machine Code updates without having IBM Support in place.

Please see IBM’s official wording around this which you will need to agree to on the Fix Central Website.

Machine code downloads:

  • 1. You are the rightful possessor (“Customer”) of each machine for which a Machine Code update you download is designated and on which such update will be installed (each a “Target Machine”) or you are a third party who has been duly authorized by the Customer to accept these terms on the Customer’s behalf and to download such Machine Code update(s) (“Authorized Representative”).
  • 2. The Machine Code updates you have selected for download are available through Fix Central only for IBM machines that are under warranty or an IBM hardware maintenance service agreement.
  • 3. Each Machine Code update you download will be installed on the applicable Target Machine within a reasonable period of time; will not otherwise be copied, reproduced or distributed; and will not be installed on any other machine.
  • 4. If you install a Machine Code update on a machine that is not under warranty or an IBM hardware maintenance service agreement, you agree that in addition to any other applicable remedies IBM may have, Customer will enter into an agreement with IBM to pay for and obtain access to such update.
  • 5. If you are an Authorized Representative, you will comply with all obligations of the Customer with respect to any Machine Code or Machine Code updates. Any copying, reproduction, distribution or installation of Machine Code updates other than as expressly authorized by IBM is prohibited.

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