IBM iSeries: Moving on and Migrating from V5R4 or earlier to 6.1 or 7.1

For iSeries users it really is moving time if you are still on V5R4 and many of our customers have done this already. So at Recarta we can give you advice and guidance from our expertise and knowledge gained from experience.

Whether you go to V6 or V7 is important too and we can discuss the advantages of being on the latest update of the latest release. There are significant differences and some of those could be important to you.

The iSeries is on the move again – rumours of its demise were premature. It’s not some antiquated product and the latest releases show the outcome of the current investment and development.

Our relationships with our partners can ease the workload and enhance capability – perhaps temporarily using replication products to migrate large vaults of data or connecting the entry servers to external disk arrays to increase capacity and integrate with the other servers in your infrastructure.

Whatever your situation, a conversation with one of our iSeries engineers is bound to be illuminating and if nothing else might prove that you are doing all you need to do.


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