IBM iSeries: ISVs lead with iSeries in the Cloud

  • IBM

The iSeries based on IBM Power continues a revival that is driven by both existing and an increasing number of new ISV applications. Most companies both large and small now base their IT on delivered software packages as opposed to in-house development and the developers of these packages have a real and heightened awareness of development and support costs because they directly affect their profitability.

And not only for development – but all of the factors contributing to Total Cost of Ownership. The real and actual cost of development and support is directly reflected in their bottom line and this has resulted in an increase in the use of the IBM iSeries on Power 7+.

The fact that a new system may be on an iSeries is frequently largely meaningless to the customer executives making the decision. All they are concerned about is a safe and secure deployment of the functionality. Nevertheless, this can mean customers having to make decisions on deploying what is for them new technology and this increasingly is pointing to a “Cloud” implementation. It also offers the possibly of piloting and trying out new function before full commitment.

The result is that the number of iSeries Cloud based proposals as well as the numbers of actual Cloud based implementations already delivered is and has been increasing dramatically to a point where it is now becoming the norm.

Recarta IT is in the vanguard of this movement working closely with a number of iSeries ISVs who are actively developing new software or new functions into existing software products. It’s worth quickly mentioning that despite the “knockers” there is nothing back-technology about the iSeries – it readily handles the integration of other emerging specialist technologies (cameras, RFID, handhelds, mobile, whatever) with ease.

Recarta’s iSeries offerings based in the Tier 3 Data Centre at Sovereign in Cockfosters can cover all situations. Recarta can caters for the relatively small implementation through to one that can be as large as anyone might want.

Expert technical support in a high quality IT environment with excellent monitoring also covering all aspects of communications delivers assured and reliable operations delivered in the most affordable way. Once the application has been chosen that’s really all that the user wants from the delivery of IT.