IBM i Access Client Solutions and Atoms

“Never trust atoms, they make up everything”.

It may come as a surprise that IBM i Access for Windows is “not supported” by IBM on operating systems beyond Windows 8.1, especially to users running the product on Windows 10 machines. “Not supported” doesn’t mean that it won’t work with Windows 10 but that you may not get much help if you hit a problem.

IBM are hoping that customers take on the Java based, platform independent interface, “IBM i Access Client Solutions” that runs on most operating systems that support Java (including Linux, Mac and Windows).

The new product wasn’t announced with the same level of functionality as iSeries Access for Windows but is rapidly catching up via updates.

For me the biggest appeal is the ease of deployment and installation and the speed at which you can have users up and running on it.

For further information about the product go to the IBM website:



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