IBM Flex for Citrix XenDesktop

  • IBM

The IBM Gurus have been hard at work putting their new IBM Flex x222 Compute Node to the test with Citrix XenDesktop, and the results have been mind blowing. But before we get to the numbers, it is important to understand that the x222 is far more than just a blade server. It is a high-density twin node server that is designed for virtualisation, dense cloud deployments, and hosted environments. The x222 has two independent servers in one, a double-density design that allows up to 28 servers to be housed in a single 10U Flex System Chassis. And before you think you’ve seen this sort of stuff before, let me assure you that the numbers below will show that both of the x222 servers are independent, capable machines, squeezed into a single blade.

In my geeky way I am quite excited about this new system from IBM. The IBM testing shows that the x222 blade can host 152 XenDesktop users.

While that is certainly and solid and impressive number, and proves my early statement that each of the IBM x222 twin node servers are real and capable servers. It does not really justify the title of my blog. For that we need to play out the numbers a little further and use the power of the multiples.

1 x222 blade = two servers each supporting 152 VDI Medium task workers, Or 304 Medium task workers in the footprint of a single blade.

But let’s not stop there…

Each 10U Flex System Chassis holds 14 x222 blades… so, that means, drum roll please…

4256 VDI users in a single blade chassis!!!


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