IBM continues iSeries development with i 7.1 Technology Refresh 5

  • IBM

The recent and ongoing round of installation activity following IBM’s end of year has high-lighted the fact that the iSeries is very much alive and kicking. Customers are implementing ever more complex virtual environments, moving towards securing their operations with high availability or just refreshing their capacity to cope with increasing volumes and new applications. We, ourselves, are expanding our iSeries Managed Service and Cloud based as part of this process.

It’s therefore great to see that IBM is continuing to deliver more and more function into the platform.

Performance, usability, and integration enhancements are delivered in Technology Refresh 5 of the iSeries operating system.

The iSeries has refused to die and while every enhancement isn’t ground breaking taken all together it means that it continues to provide the best cost of ownership for ERP and other major Line of Business applications in the marketplace.

The story hasn’t really changed over all these years. The i stands for Integration and it’s that integration of many technologies that Rochester manages and implements and supports for you that reduces of the cost of ownership. As long as the iSeries moves along with the times incorporating new best of breed technologies as they come along then it will continue deliver on its promise.

Simple really.

So what have the new enhancements got for you? Here goes:

  • Simpler, easy-to-use IBM i management tools for IBM i
  • Simpler install and management of IBM WebSphere® Application Server on IBM i
  • Easier programming access to native IBM i artifacts using the new Java™ tool box, JTOpen Lite, or the XML Service for i
  • New hardware enabling the latest technology and providing more technology choices for I/O
  • Better DB2® function, delivered faster and in a smarter, more secure way
  • New cloud support for IBM i with SmartCloud Entry, and Systems Director enhancements
  • IBM i support enhanced for IBM InfoSphere® Guardium® V9, IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5, IBM WebSphere Portal V8.0, and IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 Feature Pack 5

Now that the fashion element of IT has moved on into social networks and other such areas wouldn’t it be great if true cost awareness that much be a factor in these times saw the iSeries increase its customer base again.