IBM Announce Enhancements to Selected Power9 and Power8 Processors

On April 23rd IBM announced i 7.4 on selected Power9 and Power8 processors with an availability date of June the 21st. IBM have also announced IBM i 7.3 TR6 updates.


Some highlights are:

Authority collection

One issue that many operations face is the ability to manage the right level of authority for objects to enable the smooth running of the application without providing too much authority.

IBM i 7.3 allowed the collection of authority information for specific objects accessed by a user. An enhancement at i 7.4 is the ability to collect information about designated objects accessed by any user. The benefit is the ability to reduce excess authorisation and track authorisation failures.

DB2 Mirror for i

Some businesses cannot afford any downtime for their applications the “Recovery Time Objective” is therefore virtually zero. DB2 Mirror for i provide the ability for ‘Continuous Availability’.

It allows two IBM I systems to be linked (via ROCE adapters) thus allowing the synchronous updating of the databases of both systems at the same time.

IBM i Access Client Solutions V1.1.8.2.     

There are numerous enhancements to the product at this release, but the basic message is, if you’re not using it, please start A.S.A.P.

Workload Groups.

Workload groups are used to manage workloads particularly when they need to be restricted to a limited number of processor cores. They are useful when you are paying for software by the core. Prior to i 7.4 a workload group defined subsystem, at 7.4 different workload groups can run within the same subsystem.

Further information: 

For further information please visit the IBM Web Site or speak to your Recarta IT account manager on 0844 800 7821.

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