HyperScale All-flash Hyper-converged Appliances Provide…

  • IBM

According to Gartner, 71% of all servers are now virtualized and 82% will be virtualized by 2018. The rapid growth of virtualized server OS instances and VM sprawl for databases, web servers, application servers and other VMs have outstripped the ability of traditional storage systems to service their storage traffic. Datacenter storage requirements are growing at 40% per year—doubling every two years.

Not only is capacity growing out of control, but virtualized servers require high performance storage that delivers the IOPS, throughput and latency required to make applications perform their best. The purchase of traditional SAN and NAS storage to meet this demand is costly and exceeding budgets. All-Flash arrays are costly and create yet another silo in the datacenter. Hybrid hyper-converged systems lack the performance and remain costly.