Co-location, Hosting & Management for IBM Power Servers

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And about time too! The sudden trend towards hosting and managed services alongside the lack of in-house AIX and i/OS skills – seem to have left many companies with a painful dilemma. What do I do with my IBM Power Servers?

Recarta have been providing hosting and co-location for IBM Power Servers from its Tier 3 datacentre in North London for nearly two years.

From legacy AS400 and RS6000 systems to recent Power 7 Servers running a wide range of operating system levels, Recarta’s Hosting and Managed Services will ensure that your estate is in a secure, resilient, best practice-based environment.

Not only that, our prices are one of the most competitive in the UK – inclusive of the hardware or just for co-location. Contracts start at less than £300 per month to host an IBM Power 710 or IBM Power 720 for 12 months running AIX or iOS.

Additional services include server monitoring and management, tape back-up, and management tasks such as firmware upgrades, patching and fault resolution.

Call us on 0844 800 7821 for more details around co-location/hosting and arrange a visit to our Data Centre.