2018 The year of Data Growth

  • IBM

2018 has well and truly started. As we look ahead over the next few weeks we discuss what changes we should be can look forward to. In this post we look at the explosion of data growth and how IT infrastructure managers can prepare for the increase in demand.

Where has all this data come from?

For the last 5 years IT visionaries have been talking about the emergence of data growth as trends such as IoT and AI gain adoption. 2018 represents a significant year for Big Data as Predictive & Prescriptive analytic tools become integrated into many application platforms such as ERP, CRM and supply chain. The business need understand customer behavior by exploiting historic and real time data has already given large e-tailers significant advantage over traditional retails in the realms of personalised up and cross selling products based on a buyers behavior. Traditional businesses are starting to adopt the benefits of machine learning to leverage their client behaviour to improve client value.

This trend is not limited to retailers. Already manufacturers and logistic industries are adding competitive advantage by taking 3rd party data to improve distribution and create production efficiencies.

This new world of Machine Learning needs to consume and compare huge amounts of proprietary and 3rd party data in order to accurately analyse, learn and predict. This is putting traditional IT infrastructure under even more stain as calls from data repositories need to be available to those who stand to gain most from this insight it holds.

How can I prepare my IT infrastructure for AI?

Most IT infrastructure managers have inherited a series of IT environments from predecessors whose purpose was to provide resilience and security of service; typically around an application. As the company evolved so did their requirements and yet the IT department was left to leverage their legacy platforms. The emergence of virtualised servers in areas of storage and the recent introduction of software defined Data Centre applications are helping to provide management efficiency across hybrid environments. But many of these environments and their configuration were prepared for very different demands. Given this backdrop now could be a good time to assess your current environments ability to cope with the increase in demand your business may well place on it in the coming months.

How can I assess my IT infrastructures ability to cope?

Recarta are offering a complete 360 Degree assessment of your IT infrastructure. Recarta’s assessment looks at all aspects of your IT infrastructure, including;

  • Software licensing effectiveness and compliance
  • Data base licensing effectiveness and compliance
  • Hardware resilience, scalability and future capability
  • Support effectiveness

If you are looking to understand the limitation of your current IT infrastructure environments the Recarta 360 Degree Assessment could give you the accurate view you need to build your investment business case.

For more information about assessing your current IT Infrastructures, please contact your Account Manager on 0844 800 7821