POWER8 is ready – are you?

Earlier this year IBM revealed the future with the announcement of their POWER8 processor. That announcement, on 23 April 2014, sparked a lot of interest and enthusiasm in the Power Systems community.

For some organisations, the question is never about if they will upgrade their current systems to POWER8, but rather how fast they can get there. When you are ready to make the move to POWER8, Recarta is ready and waiting to help you migrate with near-zero downtime.

Recarta works very closely with Vision Solutions and as a company we are prepared to migrate, protect and recover new IBM Power hardware and operating systems just as soon as they are available. With our deep knowledge of IBM i, AIX and Windows, we also know how to keep disparate systems and databases working together.

Whether your business needs replication for HA and DR, sharing data across completely different platforms or migration to new and upgraded systems, we know the challenges, and we have the answers. As you plan how to exploit its new features, scalability and performance in your business, know that we are ready to help with your migration needs.