IBM Power Systems: How can I benefit when using IBM Power systems?

For customers with IBM Power systems, The IBM EXP30 SSD chassis makes it more compelling than ever for data centre managers to consider SSDs when upgrading or adding mass storage to their data centres.

The reliability, availability, serviceability (RAS) and ease of upgrading for future enhancements to the key I/O adapter (accelerator) and SSD technology within the drawer also contribute to the argument for deciding to utilise this technology. The potentially lower total cost of acquisition and operation of the EXP30 over HDD solutions may be more compelling than the RAS, speed and upgradeability.

Traditionally, to achieve fast IO speeds on the Power platform, it has been normal practice to configure a large array of smaller HDD drives so that the presence of multiple drive actuators working together, delivers the throughput needed. As small drives are no longer available, this has led some customers to over-subscribe on their storage just to achieve the IO required for their applications.

Enterprise SSD drives are the new alternative to this outmoded practice, and with Easytier already available for for AIX and AIX/VIOS, and in April 2013 for IBM i, it won’t be long before SSD storage and Easytier deployment is normal practice.

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