IBM Partnership With RogueWave Offers Open Source Software Support

We are impressed by the latest IBM partnership with Rogue Wave to offer Open Source Software support.

Most organisations are using Open Source Software – either in their development or production environments. But as we see more applications developed there is a more urgent requirement for the software to be supported. Open Source Software can generally be supported as long as you have the “Enterprise” license – but in most instances companies will be using standard versions. This new offering covers any “unsupported” open source software – and delivers a one stop shop for a wide range of products that have now become embedded in critical business solutions.

Although there are forums and communities to help build and develop applications – these do not should not be relied on for fast fixes and resolution for when things go wrong!

IBM’s full solution provides you with ownership of an Open Source issue, whatever the problem and wherever it may reside. Overview: – Covers most common Open Source products – IBM – Global 24/7 Level 1/Level 2 & Rogue Wave Level 3 – Covers Reactive Support – 70% of workload related to proactive advice/guidance/best practice support – Solution designed to support environment, not individual products. Why choose IBM?

IBM has decades of experiencing supporting proprietary software and 16 years of experiencing supporting OSS. This is just another string to the bow – in what is it an ever growing marketplace.

Here is a sample of some of the products supported;

  • Zend Server
  • Centos
  • Maria DB
  • MySQL
  • JBoss
  • PostGreSQL
  • Cassandra
  • Docker
  • OpenSSL
  • Tomcat

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