Businesses are turning to PowerVM virtualisation to consolidate multiple workloads onto fewer systems, increasing server utilisation and reducing cost. PowerVM provides a secure and scalable virtualisation environment for AIX, i and Linux applications built upon the advanced RAS features and leading performance of the Power Systems platform.

IBM PowerVM Virtualisation Software – Highlights!

Consolidate diverse sets of applications built for multiple operating systems on a single server:
  • AIX, IBM i, and Linux
  • Virtualise processor, memory, and I/O resources to increase asset utilisation and reduce infrastructure cost
  • Dynamically adjust server capability to meet changing workload demands
  • Move running workloads between servers to maximize availability and avoid planned downtime
Higher resource utilisation: IBM PowerVM Virtualisation Software allows clients to achieve higher resource utilisation. Power Systems are designed to support the maximum consolidation. They have more underlying hardware infrastructure which eliminates constraints that can inhibit utilisation of processor resource. Unlike other RISC and EPIC based servers, PowerVM separates physical processors from logical processors and unlike x86 and EPIC resource sharing virtualisation technologies, PowerVM supports the flexibility of devoting almost the whole physical system to the high priority virtual machines when they need the resource.
Flexibility and scalability: PowerVM Virtualisation Software runs on all POWER6 systems from blades to the Power 595, as well as the POWER7 based Power 750, 770, and 780. It supports partitions that can range in size from using 10% of a processor core through to using all processor cores available on the system.
The IBM Power Systems family of servers includes proven server consolidation platforms that help you control costs while improving overall performance, availability and energy efficiency. With these servers and IBM PowerVM™ virtualisation solutions, your business can consolidate applications and servers, virtualise its system resources, and provide a more flexible, dynamic IT infrastructure.Recarta IT has many case studies where we have used PowerVM Virtualisation Software to virtualise a Power p and Power i environment to great success. With the pressure and uncertainty around Oracle and SAP costs – many of our customers have been looking for an alternative to running on intel systems. Power systems using IBM PowerVM are a tried and tested solution to this – waste no time and contact us now for further details. Contact the dedicated p or i teams on 0844 800 7821 or request a call back now!