Halcyon Software is a global leader in multi-platform systems management software. With more than 20 years of delivering proven solutions and first class customer support, Halcyon’s products proactively monitor, manage and automate IT operations. Large multi-nationals, corporate and public sector data centres as well as small to medium sized organisations throughout the world rely on Halcyon Software to ensure their mission critical systems, core applications and services are available 24/7.

Multi-Platform Systems Monitoring-as-a-Service

Halcyon’s Subscription Software Service offers multiple software suites enabling cross-platform management within a fixed price matrix starting from less than £200 a month. All suites include an Enterprise Console for the management of multiple platforms such as IBM I Series, AIX, Linux and Windows servers. Real-time mobile apps allow you to see what’s going on now, even when not at your desk. This Enterprise Management & Mobility is supported on your iPhone, IPad and Android devices, alerting via SMS and email so that early warnings are received on any serious problems before they become a major disaster. Halcyon’s service also includes assistance with migration from any existing monitoring system, help with configuration and full training for all users.

VIOS Monitoring

Halcyon offers a VIOS Monitoring solution – the Network Server Suite (NSS) AIX lite VIOS solution, that provides the capability to monitor VIOS on IBM Power Systems.
It consists of pre-defined template rules and will assist customers adopting the use of VIOS by the automation that it offers as well as by integrating the monitoring of VIOS alerts with those for IBM i. Halcyon has created a useful monitoring guide which IT Managers can quickly and easily deploy for VIOS Monitoring.

Misys® Monitoring

Specialist templates have been created for customers in the financial services sector (including retail and wholesale banks) to monitor Midas Plus and Misys Equation business environments.
System operators of all levels can use the special “WATCH” feature to monitor phases within end of day processing and ensure that things always run smoothly. Users can also set-up performance thresholds and be alerted if those thresholds are breached. Instant action can be taken if a job runs longer than expected or a user or job takes more resource than it should. Alerts can be routed to Halcyon Enterprise Console or text messages to mobile phones or by email. For ultimate flexibility, messages can also reflect your organization’s escalation policy.

High Availability Monitoring

Halcyon Software Suites allow you to monitor the status of your High Availability application (Maxava®, MIMIX®, Quick/EDD) alerting you to any problems as they occur and reporting when these have been resolved.

Lawson® M3 (Movex) Monitoring

Specialist templates shipped with Halcyon’s Software Suites enable customers to specifically monitor their Lawson M3 and Movex mission critical applications.
Using Halcyon’s M3 pack, customers now have a fully integrated solution to manage backend processing on the IBM i as well as keeping a close eye on ServerView, enabling early warnings of any Java processes not running as expected. Movex/M3 users can fully automate a process of typical checks to identify issues and notify the right people so that appropriate actions can be taken.