Brocade networking solutions provide industry-leading capabilities for storage, Ethernet, and converged networking environments. As of March 2012, the company holds the largest market share in SAN switches. Brocade hardware products include Brocade fibre channel SAN products & Ethernet switches and routers. Brocade also sells software-based networking devices including technology for virtual routers, virtual firewalls and VPNs through its wholly owned subsidiary, Vyatta.

Recarta can assist you with the following Brocade hardware products:

  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Application Delivery Switches
  • Wireless LAN Access Points
  • Wireless LAN Controllers
  • SAN Backbones
  • SAN Backbone/Director Blades
  • SAN Transceivers
  • Management Software
  • Adapters
  • Security Appliances


Brocade routers sit at the heart of the most dynamic enterprise networks , leading the industry with scalability, performance and reliability.

From the compact NetIron CER 2000 series, designed for edge routing and MPLS applications, to advanced MLX series, offering multi-terabit capabilities for the most demanding service provider networks. Recarta offers sizing, installation and optimisation services for the whole range.

Converged Switching

Network convergence continues to simplify management and lower costs and a large part of this movement is driven by Brocade’s cutting edge converged switching technologies. Connecting storage, ethernet fabric and IP enables low TCO and fast ROI.

Throughout the switching range, Recarta can consult on your requirements, implement and support solutions that provide a fast return on investment, whether it be a highly scalable VDX 8770 modular chassis switch or Brocade 6510 for Fibre Channel in highly virtualised environments, we can provide the required expertise.

SAN Backbones

The potential of private cloud storage is unleashed by the Brocade DCX backbones and DCX8510 backbones. These are platforms for organisations to address the most pressing business needs, by turning existing SAN fabrics into cloud optimised SANs.

Find out how despite massive data growth and application demand, you can reduce infrastructure and administration costs.

Management Software

Management simplified, costs lowered and efficiency improved. These are results to expect when using Brocade Network Advisor in your SAN and IP networking environments.

Gen 5 Fibre Channel (16Gbps), aswell as previous generation FC SANs and layer 2/3 IP networks, wireless networks and MPLS networks are all supported. Ask us how Brocade Network Advisor can be included in your network to produce immediate business results.