Have your Veeam licences run out of support?

Veeam are helping make reinstating expired support agreements easy and extremely cost effective. From now until the end of August, Veeam are waiving 25% of the reinstatement fee for expired support/ maintenance agreements.

Although Veeam’s award winning products are extremely reliable- having support is your insurance if anything goes wrong. Having a Veeam technical engineer at the other end of the line is priceless.

Also, having Veeam support allows you to upgrade to the latest version free of charge whenever they are released. It’s a massive shame BMW don’t have the same deal!!!! I would love to buy the latest model of BMW and have the ability to upgrade for free when the new modal is released ;-).

Feel free to contact myself on 01306 646664, or jack.hm@recartait.co.uk for more information regarding reinstating your Veeam support or any other Veeam enquiries.