Struggling to Manage your Red Hat Environment?

Having come across Red Hat Network Satellite for one of my customers, has been a ‘life changer’. My customer’s ever growing IT infrastructure was becoming more and more difficult to manage and monitor as support agreements grew and renewal dates became harder to keep track. Red Hat Network Satellite was implemented and there was an immediate difference. They benefited from the viability of the environment helping with administration duties, which lead to more time on improving other areas.

Red Hat Network Satellite provides patch management, provisioning, configuration management, and monitoring of RHEL systems. It is a simple and effective tool to manage the development a Red Hat environment. The RHN Satellite impact on a business can increase productivity, enhance security and helps manage costs.

Red Hat Tips- 7 ways Red Hat Network Satellite makes your job easier!

  1. Better Linux OS. Makes your Linux operating system deployable, scalable, manageable, and consistent.
  2. Lower costs. Gives you the tools to efficiently manage your systems, which lowers per-system, deployment, and management costs.
  3. Improved security. Offers superior security by having a single centralized tool, secure connection policies for remote administration, and secure content.
  4. Subscription management. Lets you access the subscriptions you’ve purchased from Red Hat, including downloading software and managing subscription information.
  5. Easy-to-use UI. Provides a simple user interface that lets you perform patch management and maintenance.
  6. Anywhere access. Offers convenient web-based access.
  7. Advanced lifecycle management. Extends Red Hat Network by providing advanced capabilities like provisioning, configuration management, and monitoring.

(Red Hat Website- ‘enterprise-linux/management/)

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