Red Hat Support & Licencing – Making life a little easier!

If you are having problems with your Red Hat support agreements, you are not the only one! I have been finding that Red Hat subscriptions have been proving difficult for customers to manage.

With multiple renewals it is often hard to keep track of that the dates of the renewals, recognise which ones have expired and distinguish which ones have already been renewed! Comprehending all of these renewals is really important but a real headache!

It is important to note that the Red Hat’s subscription / support have ‘All or nothing’ terms and conditions. This makes it vital to manage your renewals to avoid any problems that may go unnoticed.

As a Red Hat partner, we have the ability to help you manage your subscriptions by co-term to one date to make it easier to track and provide you with the best renewal price available.

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If you need any help or advice regarding Red Hat subscriptions and renewals I would be happy to assist. Contact me, Jack Heffernan-McClelland, on 01306 646664 or email,