Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5

I have just noticed that Red Hat has announced that the latest version of its OpenStack platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5, is available now!

Built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and designed to integrate with Red Hat OpenStack technologies, this new release provides a solid foundation from which to build scalable OpenStack powered clouds for enterprise. The update, based on the OpenStack Icehouse release comes with a host of new reliability including:

• Three-year support lifecycle

• Support for integration with VMware infrastructure

• Better placement of workloads across cloud resources

• Improved support for virtual machines, supporting new UK and US cryptographic security Improved interoperability of networking stacks.

Additionally, this new Platform 5 will offer OpenStack data processing service (Sahara) as a Technology Preview, enabling faster provisioning of data driven applications and easier management of Hadoop clusters on OpenStack. Recarta has seen a big push onto Linux environments over the past 12 months and we continue to enable businesses to embrace Linux with confidence.

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