Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 – Redefining the Enterprise OS

Red Hat has announced the latest major release of the company’s flagship platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Not surprisingly, Red Hat Enterprise Linux has become the world’s leading Enterprise Linux platform, which has set industry standards for performance, capacity and security. The latest version of the operating system boasts improvements across the server, systems and the overall Red Hat open source experience.

Key updates include:

  • XFS as the default file system
  • A new boot loader and a fully redesigned graphical installer
  • The systemd system and service manager
  • The Docker environment that allows users to deploy any application as a lightweight and portable container
  • The Hardware Event Report Mechanism (HERM)
  • The OpenLMI project providing a common infrastructure for the management of Linux systems

and many more…

This new release further raises the bar for Enterprise IT infrastructure, designed to meet both modern data centre and next-generation IT requirements for cloud, Linux Containers, and big data and with IBM now pushing Power Linux we will see more opportunities and workloads using these two vendors.

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