Red Hat Cloud Tour 2012- ‘Build Your Open Cloud Today!’

The Red Hat Cloud Tour Event, Millbank Tower, London- 28th March 2012

Being new into the IT world, I must say the Red Hat event was a great success! It was incredibly fascinating to see views of Red Hat and its vision. With IT moving rapidly, I can see that cloud technology will continue to grow and be the done thing!

The Vice President of Cloud Computing at Red Hat, Scott Crenshaw, gave a great session on what is truly meant by the term ‘open cloud’. Understandably, not everyone is willing to jump straight into the cloud tomorrow, but to have the option to make it a seamless transition in the future is a practicable proposal.

In my opinion, it was only a few years ago that putting personal information over the internet was a massive risk. Now, the same issue lies with adding important data into the cloud. Justifiably, client/business data is a completely different ball-game, but as technology advances the risk will be minimised and cloud technology will be the way to go!

The view and lunch from ‘Altitude 360’ at the top of Millbank Tower was fantastic!!! You cannot beat eating Bangers & Mash overlooking the River Thames from the 29th Floor on a glorious ‘English’ spring day!

Thumbs up Red Hat!