Can your current support contract offer total availability assurance?
We understand that business critical systems need a resilient support contract you can depend on. It's why so many IBM users choose to work with us.

If you're looking to renew your infrastructure support contract and are looking for a more dependable IBM Partner, we should talk.

"As an international Bank, infrastructure resilience is a major consideration in order that we protect our reputation and ability to operate. Recarta's IBM support gives us the level of assurance our institution demands."
International private bank, IT Head.
5 things to look for in your hardware support contract

This white paper identifies 5 ways you can reduce the costs and risk of any support contract renewal.

How good is your existing asset database
Types of SLA and response
Undertaking a GAP analysis
Reducing costs and risks for the business
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Why Recarta for IBM Support?

One of the UK’s leading IBM T2 support partners

Support multiple vendors under a single support contract

Support ‘out of warranty’ infrastructure

Move your support back to IBM for total support assurance

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