The AI Proof of Concept Platform
Recarta AI can provide you with a pre Production POC environment for your AI framework. Built on IBM Power8, Recarta AI gives your IT infrastructure teams the ability to test and prove intensive AI framework workloads without the need for capital expense or interruption to existing infrastructure.

The Recarta AI platform is fully supported by a team of IT infrastructure consultants with an in depth knowledge of AI frameworks, workload and storage requirements.

Platform Features

Mitigate Infrastructure risk with managed test and POC environment

Recarta AI provides your IT teams the ability to provision a pre production environment to test your AI frameworks.

Test AI framework workloads before deploying a production environments

We understand that all AI projects come with a number of uncertain parameters including workloads, storage and resilience performance. Recarta AI gives developers the ability to provision and test AI frameworks in order to mitigate risks involved in specifying a production environment.

Limit Capital Expense

AI projects represent significant opportunities to drive efficiency. They also present significant capital risk if project are not appropriately sized and provisioned. Recarta AI gives developers the opportunity to mitigate capital expense risk.

Recarta AI Platform Benefits

Pre built, scalable and ready to go Infrastructure

Our fully managed environment allows you to focus on delivering project benefits rather creating budget for dedicated SAN and production environments.

Intuitive Deep Learning Software

Recarta AI provision a number of different AI frameworks including IBM PowerAI and IBM PowerVision.

Deliver ROI from Deep Learning in record speed

By reducing set up costs your AI and Deep Learning projects you’ll be able to prove business return in a fraction of the time of deploying infrastructure and software internally.

Further Information

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According to IDC 77% of businesses feel limited by their infrastructure, which limits them from taking advantage of AI.