Reduce your costs and risks with our IBM ILMT managed service
The Recarta IBM ILMT Managed Service offering deals with the control and protection of the IBM software assets within an organisation throughout all stages of their life cycle.  The goal of Software Asset Management (SAMs) is to MANAGE, CONTROL and PROTECT an organisation’s software assets, including management of risks arising from the use of software assets, and a scalable approach is needed to achieve this.  Recarta ILMT Managed Service offering provides a fully comprehensive service for our clients which enables them to concentrate on the areas of business which matter to them.
The Recarta ILMT Managed Service of your organisation’s software estate will identify any risks and recommend changes to license deployment.  The service does not just cover compliance, a key feature is around software optimisation making sure your organisation’s users are on the most cost effective software agreements.  The recommendation from Recarta is permanent monitoring for the lifecycle of the software in place.  As software licensing becomes ever more complicated, BAU software costs increase and vendor audits become more frequent, and the financial risks of non-compliance are significant.  Most organisations now realise that it is imperative that they manage their software assets as effectively as possible. 
Recarta will maintain your organisation’s software portfolio to ensure license compliance, and will optimise both licences and subscriptions to align with the business’s present and future needs.  We are able to offer this service in physical, virtual or mixed environments utilising IBM BigFix and IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT).   
"As software licensing becomes ever more complicated, BAU software costs increase and vendor audits become more frequent, and the financial risks of non-compliance are significant".
The ILMT Managed Service offering is built around 4 key phases
Initial assessment of your software entitlements
  • Review Vendor Software Entitlements
  • Assess accurately whether the licenses under support match those in use and recommend changes to the purchase process to align with your organisation’s procurement and with the company strategy
  • Assessment of the license usage will allow for license harvesting identification and a review of the lifecycle of software.
  • Perform stakeholder interviews to assess manual reporting requirements and accuracy of environment data
Deploy toolset for automated license management
  • Deploy IBM BigFix & IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT), available On/Off Premise
  • Engage agents on all Virtual Machines to ensure compliance
  • ILMT allows for the optimization of sub capacity rules and reduction of PVU costs
  • Regular updates performed by Recarta will ensure accuracy of licensing reports
Accurate reporting and maintenance of the licensing framework

Recarta will produce a quarterly report using IBM BigFix and IBM License Metric Tool which highlights changes to servers and ensures that the following are identified:

  • Redundant SW Tags identified and removed before IBM audit scripts identify them;
  • Provides compliance assurance and makes recommendations for change;
  • Shows how quickly your infrastructure is growing and identifies potential risks;
  • Identifies cloned agents and highlights requirement for IT department’s intervention.
Quarterly audit reports identify changes to licensing and software and:
  • Highlight where cost savings can be made by assessing entitlement vs deployment;
  • ILMT V9 provides reports and a dashboard which shows your organisation’s software usage and allocation;
  • Allows for audit readiness with regular reporting on the organisation’s licensing framework;
  • Shows any Vendor compliance team that regular maintenance is being undertaken by you;
  • Keeps a record of steady compliance on a pre-audit basis.

Future proofing and consultation
By monitoring your license environment so closely, it allows for new licenses to be purchased in advance of any changes to the infrastructure, future-proofing your business.

  • Reduce hardware cost by identifying over deployed hardware.  For example you do not need an expensive CPU unit for a file-server system that you usually deploy for a transaction-processing system;
  • IBM ILMT offering can provide a better priced purchase upon discovery that different departments within an organisation are purchasing the same software on different prices and terms.  IBM ILMT Managed Service provides a better purchase strategy for your organisation;
  • Help in controlling business risks, resulting in increased confidence of business in IT;
  • Better inventory management due to accurate information about software estate;
  • Optimize existing investments in licenses will help do more with available funds.

Legal and Financial Risk, Enterprises carry a risk if licensing terms for purchased software are not in compliance.  The exposure for noncompliance may arise from enforcement via IBM subcontracted accountancy firms.  The exposure includes the following:

  • Software being installed without licenses being purchases
  • Loss of proof of license for properly purchased software
  • Complex terms and conditions, which may have been violated knowingly or unknowingly
  • Contract terms with the reseller may have been met, but license terms with IBM were not.
  • Damaged Reputation, Brand image and reputation are very precious to all businesses these days.  A potential compliance charge could seriously affect an organisations reputation.