MIMIX Availability – Prevent downtime with the most comprehensive IBM i high availability solution available

MIMIX Availability virtually eliminates planned and unplanned downtime with innovative features that minimize the administration of high availability and ensure data integrity. Scalable from SMB to Enterprise, MIMIX Availability integrates into your IT environment to protect your data and keep mission critical applications running 24x7x365. Whether you are a small business with basic HA needs or a large enterprise with complex topologies, MIMIX delivers the functionality, flexibility and simplicity you require, complete with the world-class, browser based Vision Solutions Portal interface.

MIMIX Global – A higher level of control for multi-node hybrid environments

MIMIX Global expands on simple 2 node domain topologies to accommodate mulitiple node domain while keeping the simplicity and ease of use offered by 2 node.

MIMIX Global, a companion to MIMIX Availability, fully integrates with IASP and SAN based technologies offered by PowerHA for IBM i to extend and enhance their capabilities. Protection of data not supported by PowerHA along with disaster recovery protection of all data to additional nodes, gives you a greater degree of confidence that your systems are ready to switch whenever the need arises. Control of daily PowerHA operations from an easy, intuitive interface is provided by the Vision Solutions Portal, the browser-based user interface for MIMIX Availability.

MIMIX DR – Comprehensive, affordable entry-level disaster recovery for IBM i

MIMIX DR eliminates the financial risks of lost data and gets your small to medium-sized business running quickly after an outage.

If it seems like tape backup is all you can afford, think again. MIMIX DR is the complete and affordable disaster recovery solution from the experts in IBM i data protection and high availability. Designed for small to medium-size businesses that need better protection for their data and applications and faster recovery than tape backups can provide, MIMIX DR continuously protects all day, every day to a DR system located on-premises, off-site or in the cloud.

MIMIX Move – Can’t afford downtime to upgrade your hardware and/or software?

MIMIX Move (formerly Migrate While Active™) allows you to perform IBM i migrations and upgrades with virtually no downtime.

Migrate applications, data, and system values while users remain active
Keep old and new servers synchronized in real-time until the new server is fully tested and ready to assume the production role
Experience only minimal downtime to perform the switch to the new server.

Full-featured High Availability for IBM i that fits your budget

iTERA Availability for IBM i virtually eliminates planned and unplanned downtime by maintaining a real-time backup system that can quickly take over as the production system when required. iTERA Availability for IBM i will:

  • Replicate your production environment to a backup server in real-time with zero data loss
  • Protect virtually any SMB application environment, including virtual environments
  • Keep your applications and data available and your business productive
  • Virtually eliminate planned and unplanned downtime
  • Deliver RTO and RPO that meet the widest range of regulatory mandates and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)