The power behind Misys

Our IBM infrastructure solutions work to ensure your Misys applications remain resilient, secure and compliance. All day. Everyday.

We can advise and support you on the latest IBMi & IBM Power server infrastructures. Helping you to leverage new technologies such as Software defined storage to reduce your infrastructure costs and increase application resilience.

Speak to one of our experienced Misys infrastructure consultants today to ensure your business critical applications are optimised to run efficiently without any risk of downtime.

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"Our Misys applications are critical for our business. Application failure has never been an option, it's why we use IBMi installed and managed by Recarta IT"
Japanese bank, (European) IT Head.
Why Recarta and IBMi for Misys?

One of the UK’s leading IBM T2 support partners

Support multiple vendors under a single support contract

Support ‘out of warranty’ infrastructure

Move your support back to IBM for total support assurance

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