Don't suffer from Code Chaos

Reduce change request time. Eliminate errors. Enable hardware modernisation. Get an accurate view of your IBM application’s custom code and data use.

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    The problem of Code Chaos
    Inheriting undocumented custom application code

    Adopt Fresche Solutions X- Analytics & X-Datatest to gain an accurate view of all application legacy code and data use, including object & field usage as well as data flow.

    Slow testing

    Testing takes too much time and requires specialist skills that are hard to get hold of. Fresche Solutions can speed up testing times and eliminate the need for specialist involvement.

    Non compliant data use

    Data masking is now a requirement for all test environments. Fresche solutions can ensure your data use is managed and compliance in the event of an audit.

    Cracking Code Chaos
    Code & data analytics

    Using Fresche X-Analytics we can identify all legacy code including objects and field usage. Using X-DataTest we can identify all data use.

    Test & Documentation

    Gain a full workload testing report to understand current server environment limitations for practical application usage.


    Update and configure current infrastructure to accommodate test results and include data masking compliance.