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IBM & Nutanix HCI SystemsThis is interesting- here’s why?

Because it addresses something of a limitation that the market perceives for some of the HCI offerings. Using IBM PowerSystems as the infrastructure under pining a Nutanix offering promises system resources which have not been generally available on this kind of architecture before. This means is that more work can be done on fewer systems nodes, so less Software to buy and run, less maintenance to pay, higher VM density, & ability to run more demanding workloads in an HCI.

These characteristics mean adding a node to a cluster is going to be a less frequent event so you pay less “HCI tax” –(when you scale having to buy extra resources as that are not needed – eg. loads of extra CPU when what you were running out of storage) You don’t get something for nothing, so any limitations? – Well, these platforms run the Nutanix Hypervisor based on KVM and VMs will be Linux only – Windows isn’t an option.

However,  Linux OS & open source applications  and Database are popular – so it might be time to gird your loins and do something different in HCI than default to x86. The entire Lenovo Future Defined Solution portfolio is currently benefiting from major hardware upgrades in line with the Lenovo ThinkSystem portfolio new system launches.

Lenovo HX for Nutanix HCI

Lenovo Solutions portfolio is unique in my opinion (feel free to contact me to set me straight if you disagree – pr better to discuss the Lenovo portfolio of systems and solutions), because they are not prescribing a single HCI or SW defined platform to address the entire markets variable needs. In a market where slick sales people with one thing to sell are seeing this as . Having best of breed providers covering HCI, Object Storage, File and Block, storage virtualisation, Private to Hybrid cloud integration, and compliant gateways into public cloud (data tagging into Azure and AWS  – so use of public cloud can comply with GDPR in a simple fashion) means the portfolio is comprehensive. All of the portfolio is underpinned and underwritten by a mature support and maintenance  business means Lenovo offer customers one number to call for service against an environment that can be composed of a number of complementary Data Centre technologies. Lenovo HX for Nutanix as a practical example, might be an elegant solution to implement to deliver Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and liberate virtualisation licensing and system resources to add to a line of business architecture. The entire Lenovo portfolio is refreshed with major hardware upgrades from Thinksystems.

Lenovo Business Critical Servers for SAP HANA

One of my favorite subjects are high end x86 systems (that makes me pretty dull at a dinner party 🙁 A large proportion of SAP HANA users run on IBM System x x3850 and x3950 X5 and latterly X6 vertically scaling systems. The newly launched ThinkSystem SR850 and SR950 are the next step in this roadmap – More performance means fewer system resources required to run the same workloads as on previous systems to reduce TCO in licensing, or increase headroom Improved RAS features mean up-time is further improved. And standardization of component form factors and interfaces across the entire ThinkSystem range means lower maintenance costs and improved serviceability Lenovo Recarta IT I’d love to talk to X5 and X6 users about this use case and others for Mission critical x86 server.

Lenovo Business Critical High Performance ThinkSystem Servers

Contact me for more details about the new systems. The SR950 The spiritual successor to the IBM/Lenovo X6 System x servers – This is the premier vertically scaling x86 SMP system available today – watch for new benchmarks to be set. The new CPUs are probably the least exciting feature of the new systems. Now the entire Lenvovo ThinkServer range uses standardised architecture for components – PSUs, Memory, HDD interfaces – everything. No other vendor has made this investment in standardisation for customer support, ease of sparing and streamlining of maintenance processes.

Lenovo ThinkAgile VX – vSAN HCI – rated Hot Product at VMworld

VMware vSAN Engineered Platform. Private/Hybrid cloud architecture and gateway with impressive data reduction (Comp+De-dupe). Currently benefiting from major hardware upgrades in line with the Lenovo ThinkSystem portfolio new system launches. Lenovo Solution Portfolio seizes the benefits of SW defined DC without claiming one solution will solve all your problems… they call it FutureDefined Data Center.
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