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5 Compelling Reasons for Recarta’s PowerCloud

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Looking to upgrade your IBM Power infrastructure?

Maybe it’s time to work with a fully managed service. A Tier 3 hosted environment that is ready to go and comes with all the support you need to ensure the market leading resilience and performance you have come to expect with your IBM Power Platform .

Recarta PowerCloud offers all the advantages of your own IBM Power environment, but as a fully managed and hosted service, with simple monthly payments and none of the capital requirements normally associated with a hardware upgrade.

Here are 5 compelling reasons why Recarta’s Power Cloud makes perfect business sense;

1.     ‘Oven Ready’ IBM power platform

Why build your own when we’ve done it for you? Our hosted and managed service, uses the latest IBM Power hardware and is supported and monitored by certified IBM engineers. Our dedicated IBM team can take you through all aspects of migration, making any transfer into a hosted environment painless and risk free.

2.     Total skills assurance

Be honest, RPG coders are not that easy to find. Our IBM Power team are not only equipped with the latest code they come with some grey hair, genuine insight and buckets of experience.

3.     Opex not capex

Any migration or upgrade can soak up valuable capital. Recarta’s power cloud platform is ready to use. Just a simple monthly fee covering all aspects of CPW performance, TB’s of capacity, Tier 3 hosting, ongoing management, 24 x 7 monitoring and hardware/software support.

4.     100% scalable

Recarta’s PowerCloud has been built with scale in mind. Whether you’re looking to extend your application performance or storage requirement, our architects can help you find the most appropriate cost effective solutions.

5.     24/7 Uptime

We only use Enterprise Hardware and Software for our Disaster Recovery and High Availability solutions, ensuring your applications and data are always available. Our data centre partners offer the highest levels of security and compliance.

If you are considering an IBM Power upgrade and would like to understand how a fully managed service could cut costs and whilst providing a stable environment for your applications, Recarta PowerCloud could be the answer. Contact us today for a free, no obligation conversation with a one of our certified IBM consultants.