Assurance as a Service

Fully Hosted & supported IBMi or IBM Power servers. Infrastructure (with built in assurance)

Our 3 tier data centre environment provides a resilient, scalable and secure hosting platform for your IBMi or IBM Power servers. Supported by one of IBM’s leading business partners, we can help you reduce your on-going maintenance costs, as well as provide high availability and DR assurance.

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Key Service Benefits

Hosted IBMi & IBM Power application and storage environments

Supported by certified, experienced IBM engineers

Scalable & efficient architecture built on latest Software Defined Storage interface

Hybrid on premise and hosted solutions supported

Key Service Assurance

Configuration Efficiency Guarantee

We leverage the latest software defined technology to ensure your hosted environment is efficient, resilient and remains cost effective to run.

Licensing Optimisation

We ensure your hosted environments are efficient and compliant from both a configuration and licensing perspective

Scalable & Efficient

Our 3 tier Data Centre ensures your hosted solution remains scalable, secure and resilient no matter what happens